Dog Listening.

Common problems solved

As a Dog Listener I teach you how to use kind, calm communication with your dogs and solve any problems.

The list can be endless but you can solve all non medical problems and some that have become medical like hair falling out, licking hair off, biting feet.

Dogs barking at noises outside the house, or barking at guests

Dogs that pull on leads; Dogs that have no recall; Dogs that run off

Dogs jumping up at people; Dogs distressed when left alone

Dogs that are fussy about food; Dogs that steal food off counters

Dogs that bark at the hoover

Dogs that growl at people

Dogs that hide

Dogs that have nipped people

How to book a Consult


Initial Free Consult for 30 mins

Contact me for a Whatsapp video call on 07715181491 or via Facebook Messenger SarahJaneGreeff or call on 01983 611288 or email me

During this free consultation we talk about all the problems you have been having and find ways that work for you to solve them. If you feel you need more help then we discuss a way forward to work together so there is a complete resolution of all the dogs issues. 

I will then email you what we discussed with the proposal of implementation. Once you have agreed I send you an invoice. This includes a donation for £15.00 to the African Wild Dog Charity we used to work with in Zimbabwe.

First One to One Consultation

I teach you all the basics of canine communication you will need to do over the following weeks to change your dogs behaviour I teach this via a one to one video call or to visit you at home for 1 – 2+ hours.


Canine Communication Handbook

I post you my handbook. This covers life with your dog from Day 1 through to adulthood.

All the information is relevant whether you are waiting for your puppy or have an adult dog.

It is not a novel – it is literally a manual for your life with your dog.


A series of support video calls/messages as you go through the process. I am literally ‘On Call’.

Everyone thinks they have got it when I teach it first, but when they actually start doing it a whole host of questions are thrown up and you need support every step of the way.

Lifetime support

Once you have paid for the full Canine Communication package with me.  I know that things in life change and sometimes everything is going brilliantly and a change causes your dog to question everything again. I am always available to ask for help for the rest of your dogs life.

The people I  help are:

Owners with dogs who are reaching maturity around the age of 1 and becoming  difficult to handle.

Owners who have taken on an adult rescue dog with problems

Owners who want to get everything right from day 1 with their puppy

New home breeders who want to raise their litter the Dog Listening way.

Living a happy and stress free life with your dog.

The people I find myself helping are:

Owners with dogs who are reaching maturity around the age of 1 and becoming  difficult to handle or owners who have taken on an adult rescue dog.

Click here to see the Coaching Owners – Adult Dog Programme

Owners who want to get everything right with their puppy

Click here to see the Coaching Owners – Puppy Programme

Since I raised my last litter the Dog Listening way and discovered that it made the whole process a 100% easier and better I want to pass this wonderful knowledge on to new home breeders who want the best experience and start for their dogs.

Click here to see the Breeders Support Programme

Dog Listening can be used at any stage in a dogs life and I can create an individual programme for any situation.

Dog Listening Feedback from clients

Many thanks for your help and instruction sheet. Your advice is proving well worth following. She has stopped attacking the kitchen units and enjoys going outside with a toy for a wee. We have changed her sleeping area and she seems quite happy there.

Sandy and Stuart

Really good to talk to you again today! We have tried very hard to apply the advice that you have kindly offered to us.  We are very pleased to say that we are already seeing positive changes in Penny’s behaviour. 

Penny has adopted the lying on her side, legs outstretched sleeping position, indicative of complete relaxation. We will continue to apply your advice until Penny’s behaviour is acceptable, and when we are no longer worried about her behaviour. It’s a battle of wills but Helen and I are determined to succeed!

Sarah, thank you SO much for your brilliant and invaluable advice. You have supplied the tools to us, and now we must continue to use them! Onwards and upwards!

Ray & Helen

Success today, up to 50 seconds with no barking, which I know sounds like nothing but is amazing, so its working. He’s not following us around the house anymore either. We are really pleased.

Rosie & Sam

Dog Listeners.

I collaborate with other Dog Listeners as part of The Calmer Canine Co-operative.

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