About Our Sproodles

Lupin our Springer Spaniel is beautiful and when she was three we either had to get her spayed or have puppies for her own continued good health. Not having children myself and thinking …who doesn’t love puppies I decided to ‘just the once’ put her to a miniature poodle. Twelve sproodles kept me very happily busy in 2017, they were such bundles of joy. I looked after them with a 24 hour dedication that surprised even me.

They all found lovely homes and I continue to see them regularly and stay in touch with a Facebook group.

After a year I wanted to do it all over again, so used the same stud dog Rudi and we had a second litter of nine in 2018. Second time around was much easier all round, Lupin and I were far more relaxed and yet more joy for more people was created.

In 2020 Lupin had a litter of F1 Sproodles which are all happily settled in their homes.

Later in 2021 her daughter Tuli had her first litter of F1b Sproodles.  In November 2021 Lupin had her last litter this time of English Springer Spaniels, we have kept three of her daughters!

Meeting Up

When we lived on the Isle of Wight pre-covid once a year we met up on a Saturday afternoon at a Paw Paddock in Brading. Now I keep in touch virtually via facebook and whatsapp!  Each litter has its own group to support the families as they raise their new family member. 

I am always on hand to help with any issues you may have with your puppy as they grow up. 


Please get in touch with me via email to go onto the waiting list. When seasons are due I will send out more information and an application form.

We have a brief meet up via video chat. Once this interview stage has been passed you are then put on the list to wait to see how many puppies are born. As soon as I know how many there are and that they are all healthy I will contact you to offer you a puppy.

At this point I request a £100 deposit. Photos are shared onto the HappyStressFreeDogs facebook page. At four weeks you are invited to come and see the puppies.

Once they are all running around at 4 weeks you can choose your puppy and name them. From then on once a week you visit the puppy to give them a chance to get to know you and also to assist in socializing the litter. For the past few years this has been done virtually as well!

When they are eight week old you are invited to come and collect the puppy. We hope to soon have overnight accommodation for those of you driving long distances.

The puppy is sold to the purchaser on the following conditions.

The puppies have been reared in a home environment raised using Amichien Bonding practices (Ref: The Puppy Listener; The Seven Ages of the Dog by Jan Fennell). They are wormed at two weeks, five weeks and eight weeks.

The puppy is believed to be in good health and is vet health checked at 7 weeks. We want our puppies to have their vaccines at 12 weeks only. If you want us to do it earlier for you then we can arrange that. The purchaser is advised to have the puppy vet registered and checked within three days of collecting the puppy.

The breeder has enquired of the purchaser his or her past experience with dogs and on the basis of the information received is willing to place a puppy with the purchaser. The breeder has pointed out to the purchaser the main behaviour the breed is prone to.

Every puppy is an individual and the breeder cannot be held responsible should conditions, genetic or otherwise, develop later in life. The purchaser agrees that the dog will be kept in appropriate conditions for its welfare and health. It will be fed on a suitable diet for its age and condition and have appropriate exercise.

It will receive all necessary veterinary care to maintain its physical good health. The dog will be kept under appropriate control and will not be neglected or maltreated in any way.

The purchaser attests that he or she has not been banned from keeping a dog or any other animal by any legal court order. If circumstances occur where it becomes necessary to re-home the dog, the breeder must first be notified and given an opportunity to take back the dog to re-home it if it is in need of rescue.

The following will be provided by Sarah Greeff

Micro Chip Certification, and owners details registered along with mine.

Daily records from birth

PDF’s of health tests  and any relevant pedigree paperwork.

Puppy guidance for toilet training and night time settling in first two weeks.

The teaching of Dog Listening using Canine Communication is included in the price of the puppy, your handbook is sent to you once you have chosen your dog. 

Security ‘ towel’ smelling of old home for the first few days to help settle.

Evidence of the sack of the same puppy food used will be checked on delivery, along with the dogs bed and home environment. More guidance can be arranged if you want to make sure the transition of homes is as easy as possible for everyone.

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