Working from Home with a Lockdown Puppy

January 13, 2021
Lockdown labradoodle puppy 2020

In our new normal, everyone now has a dog and is working from home.  Happy Days you thought..

I can finally give a gorgeous dog a home because I am around all day.

However, during lockdowns, you have no choice but to work from home all the time.

Not so good when during every Zoom meeting your dog barks uncontrollably at the window.

During each mobile call, when you are in the best signal spot, your dog asks to go to the toilet, as you move you lose signal.

You put the dog in another room so they stop bothering you with toys, and nudging you for attention  – you have a deadline and have to finish a project – your dog is barking its head off clearly upset.

The kids are home schooling, except they aren’t studying at all because the puppy is doing zoomies around in the same room or its asking to go the back door twenty times a day and everyone is disappearing into the garden…

Are you all fractious and tired because your puppy is still getting you up in the middle of the night?

Evidence suggests alot of families who got a puppy in the first lockdown are now struggling to cope and regretting the decision.

Is this you?  Don’t worry help is at hand.

I teach you online via video chats done in the comfort of your home at a time that suits you, how to have a calm, happy, relaxed family dog.

The whole family takes on the group project of learning Jan Fennell Dog Listening, adjusting their body language with the dog and together you watch your dog become the member of the family you originally wanted. This method solves all the problems….psst its NOT dog training….Your dog watches and reacts to you all day everyday.

The photo is of a London labradoodle who inspired this blog. He now happily snoozes through his owners meetings and is happy and stress free. They kept sending me photos like this in disbelievement that this was their dog!


By Sarah Greeff

I enjoy teaching families dog listening via video chat so they can solve all their dogs issues. I also breed and raise the best sproodle puppies I can.

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