Learn with Sarah how to create Happy Stress Free Dogs!

How does your dog behave?
Do you want them to be like A or B?

Chilled and happy wherever they are, will sometimes join you if there is somewhere comfy to lie down too or just look forward, lazily, to you coming back.

Follow you around the house wherever you go even to the loo and whine outside the door or whenever you go upstairs without them.

Go to sleep in their bed while you are out.

Bark frantically all the time when you are out.

Be very happy to stay at home and quickly do business in the garden.

Go out for three walks a day in all weathers whether its freezing, icy, raining or boiling hot.

Wait patiently for you to put the shopping away before you call them to you for a cuddle.

Jump all over you scratching your legs, spilling the shopping stealing whatever food they can find in the bag.

Play with you when you ask them too and wee and poo outside.

Be frantic in the house leaping all over the place and often weeing and pooing inside.

Trot happily by your side on a loose lead when going for a walk.

Strangle themselves pulling you down the road when on a lead.

Run towards you when called and wait by your feet looking lovingly at you while you pop the lead on.

Play tag with you on the beach in front of a crowd as you desperately try and get them onto the lead.

Trust you to feed them when you are ready.

Start barking at you, jumping up and down,  nudging you when they want food.

Couldn’t care less what you decide to do, even clean!

Bark and howl and attack the hoover or broom.

Trust you to introduce them to your friends.

Growl (or worse) at anyone who comes near them.

We all want our best friends to be happy and relaxed.

If you would like Dog A then look no further!

The list of problems you can have with a dog are endless and you would be amazed at how many people put up with them because they love their dog so much.

Your relationship with your dog can be even better when you learn what they are saying to you.

All problems can be solved in your home by adjusting your behaviour and learning the four principles that are important to your dogs health and well being. 

Everything I teach you is based on being kind to your dog and learning in a relaxed calm environment.

The trick is to learn the dogs language ….Psst… its not the same as ours!

I teach you to adapt your behaviour towards your dog at home so you can make your lives together happy and stress free.

Success today, up to 50 seconds with no barking, which I know sounds like nothing but is amazing, so it’s working. He’s not following us around the house anymore either. We are really pleased.

Rosie & Sam

Many thanks for your help and instruction sheet. Your advice is proving well worth following. She has stopped attacking the kitchen units and enjoys going outside with a toy for a wee. We have changed her sleeping area and she seems quite happy there.

Sandy and Stuart

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